Ask the right questions to define ultimate goals.

Case Study 

Creating great architectural solutions is about asking the right questions and defining ultimate goals for spaces that accommodate the needs of individuals.

The team at Noel Jessop Architecture believes good design doesn’t need to be expensive or large, it just needs to be better. Based on this philosophy my team and I worked with them to capture their essence and then designed and developed their new brand and website. I also wrote five major architectural award competition entries; four of which won.


Brand Strategy light
Website Architecture

Website Design
Web Development
Award Entry writing


NJA Project1
NJA Studio
NJA Gower


I was initially engaged by Noel Jessop to write five competition entries for a major architectural awards competition. With success here, the projects kept coming.

After four out of the five competition entries I wrote for an Architect’s Award won, Noel asked me to develop their new brand and website.

My team of highly skilled experts joined me to create great work for the ultimate creative critic. Noel is a pure artist and perfectionist, which is why he runs a leading architectural practice.


Research Noel Jessop, their clients, and their competitors and industry.

Website Architecture

Develop new website architecture.

Blog Posts

Write blog posts and authority articles for the new website launch.

Competition Award Entries

Write five award entries for a major architectural competition.

Brand Strategy light

Develop a simple Brand Strategy including Positioning, Personality, Key Messages, and Brand Story.

New Website

Write, design and develop a new website based on our research, interviews, and website architecture.



Quality runs through everything Noel Jessop Architecture does. Projects don’t have to be bigger to be better, or expensive. But they have to be right for the occupants.

NJA Property
NJA Property2
NJA Intro
NJA Durham2
NJA House3
NJA Intro2
NJA Walls
NJA Durham3
NJA Floating


NJA Gower3

Business continues to boom

I have immense respect for Noel Jessop. Not only is he a nice guy, and an astute businessman, he is incredibly particular about what he likes and doesn’t like. To say he is a harsh critic would be an understatement. I also like that he loves cars, like me.

Whilst I bring my A-game to every project, working with a highly creative individual made me want to step up even more!

When dealing with quality craftspeople (especially) you want the work to properly reflect them and to make a difference. This project was no exception, and was considered a great success. My designer, Jeremy, worked tirelessly on this project too.

Noel now has a beautiful brand and a website to match. After launch, he and his team received a lot of unsolicted positive feedback, and new projects came thick and fast.

NJA Atrium
NJA Hideaway
NJA Hideaway
NJA Durham3
Star CEO Nick Baker


I am happy to recommend Will!

We worked with Will Roffé, initially to get him to write five award entries for the NZ Architectural Awards. We ended up winning four of our five entries.

After this, we engaged Will and his team to create our new brand identity system with all associated materials, and then write, design and develop our new website. The website got rave reviews, so they nailed it!

We have worked with Will for several years and our practice has continued to go from strength to strength, with a lot of extra work. I am happy to recommend Will to you.


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