Make better connections.

Successful brands spend quality time developing their brand strategy and messages. They listen to their customers and create positioning that connects deeply with them. They're always challenging their thinking and upgrading their brand strategy.

A great brand strategy is inspiring and unique, ensuring you won't get lost in the noise.

It removes any guesswork, and gives your brand a familiar voice, look and feel. 

Your marketing gets a lot easier too. So do your internal communications, website, advertising, sales funnels, email marketing, nurture campaigns, customer onboarding campaigns and more. 

Almost everything you need to market your business sits inside your brand strategy. It's like your brand's bible. 

Its goals are to make your competitors irrelevant whilst creating brand consistency across all your customer touch points.  

Consistency creates momentum that leads to brand recognition. Which leads to brand authority, customer trust and loyalty.

Done right, your brand strategy and messaging will help you make better, more meaningful connections... and sales.

I'm Will Roffé, a brand strategist and copywriter.

Will Pica

I'm based in North Yorkshire, UK, and have over two decades of experience as a brand strategist and copywriter. I've helped large corporations and SMBs sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products and services.  

I primarily work with innovative start-ups, and high-6 to 9-figure entrepreneurial-led companies in Fintech, Software and Professional Services businesses. 

But I like dealing with all sorts of rebels, disruptors, and agile, challenger brands. They're highly motivated and driven to change the status quo. And they see conformity as the enemy. 

In my experience, successful brands have:

  • simplicity at their core
  • a rapid action philosophy
  • a great, customer-focused team
  • excellent systems and processes
  • an inspiring brand strategy
  • on-point copywriting.

When your business is well-defined, simplified, and systematised, it'll work like it should. Then you can impact people's lives (including yours) in remarkable ways. 

My services play together like one big happy family. 


Create quality brand foundations for success. Turn chaos into clarity, and ensure your fundamentals are sound.


To achieve your goals you need to go well beyond clever prose. Choose the right words that connect with the right people at the right time.


I can analyse your business issues objectively, and recommend approaches that best support your company's strategic objectives.


Imagination is what makes humans different from other lifeforms. We see the world differently through ideas, which help bring strategies to life.   

Why work with me?

I'm an expert brand strategist and copywriter with the right ideas and attitude. I've run my own business for many years, so I understand many of business' struggles. I'm a proactive problem solver who adds value and fast-tracks goals whilst ensuring the process is enjoyable. 

In fast-paced, competitive environments, my clients choose me because they can’t afford to get it wrong. 
And they really value their time. I'm picking you do too. Let's chat.

Will just ‘gets it’. Period.

With such a tremendously creative and strategic mind, but also an astute business sensibility, Will is someone you can go to with supreme confidence, to deliver incredible results - time and time again. His professional integrity and unwavering commitment to impeccable customer service are truly second-to-none.

JEREMY SNOWSILL  //  Director, Long White Cloud, Australia

Some brands I've helped grow

SIS client

Will is an expert brand strategist, copywriter & ideas generator.

We have worked with Will Roffé for the past 10-years. He is an expert brand strategist, strategic copywriter and ideas generator. He created our successful brand strategy before working on our suite of insurance products along with developing and writing our corporate brand story, website, ad campaigns and more.

If you need strategy, ideas, and/or the written word, Will should be your go-to person. He understands people and how to connect with them using the right strategies, language, tone and ideas.

NICHOLAS BAKER  //  CEO, Star Insurance Specialists, New Zealand