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Can we meet in person?

Yes, but let’s chat first. If calling me without booking an appointment, leave a message and I’ll get back to you.

Do you accept one-off projects?

Sometimes. I prefer to invest my time in people and projects that need ongoing input. But never say never, so get in touch and let’s see where we land.

How do you handle billing for local and international clients?

I can invoice you for payment to my primary UK-based business bank account with Starling Bank, accept crypto via several options, or provide bank details in your local currency via my Wise business account (formerly TransferWise).

How do we work together if my business resides outside the UK?

Doing business with me is easy, no matter where you live. Nearly all of my clients enjoy distance relationships. I use many modern, online communication tools and bank with FinTech companies. You can pay using your local currency with no transfer fees (assuming you’re with a good bank). I pay the fees when I convert funds to my own currency, GBP (Pound Sterling).

How long have you been in business?

I launched Fearless in New Zealand in March 2002. When I moved to the UK in 2021 I set up a new company here. So 19 years abroad and 2021 was my first year in the UK. My team members, who are spread around the globe, are all senior experts in their chosen fields. When you work with Fearless, you won’t have any juniors working on your business. 

Who do you bank with?

Starling Bank (UK), and Wise (Global). I use Stripe for credit card payments.

Do you do freebies?

As a rule, no. But you know what they say about rules. Sometimes, time permitting, I will help out or reduce my fees when the work is close to my heart.

Do you pitch for work?

No. Why? My team and I value our time, strategies and ideas. A lot of work goes into understanding and growing a brand. The pitch process always falls short and is often just a vanity project. 

Have you really helped sell over £1.5b worth of products and services?

Yes. However, that’s an incredibly conservative figure. During the first 10 years of my advertising career, I worked at the board level with multinational corporations. This included banks, motor companies, local and central government, airlines, telecommunications, FMCG, agriculture, and more. Their budgets were huge and they demanded an even bigger ROI.

“We appreciate Will’s creativity, high standard of his work and very importantly, how hard he works to get the job done, sometimes with seemingly impossibly tight deadlines.

“The quality of work delivered by Will has been very impressive and always cost-effective. We enjoy working with Will and greatly value the contribution he makes to our business.”

Shaun Newman

Co-Managing Director – TrailLite Motorhomes

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