Super-intuitive & powerful online quoting software.

The perfect opportunity to make a great first impression is the humble quote. That was the seed of an idea that turned into a wildly successful Software as a Service (SaaS) business for the founders of Quotient.

With Quotient, creating quotes is now as easy as 1...2...send! Great looking quotes provide a competitive edge because you can easily add images, files or website links directly on the Quotes, and give the prospect or customer everything they need to make a decision. You can even mark items as optional add-ons, and if chosen, the total price is calculated on the fly. Customers can ask questions directly on the Quote, which forms a nice 'paper trail'. And once the quote is accepted online it makes the deal legally binding. There's a whole lot more wizardly that makes Quotient a pleasure to use. I've been using it at Fearless since 2013. 

I started working with Nathan and Dale at Quotient when I was sub-leasing space in their flash new CBD offices. Whilst they were really protective of their marketing communications approach, they were ready to go to the next level. It was easy with me sitting within ear shot of them, which involved many conversations focused on their business. Quotient took me with them to the Quickbooks conference in San Jose (San Francisco). There, I manned one of their stands to gain greater insights into their customers. I believe everything starts and ends with the customer, so it was a no-brainer for me to join them to understand their customers' struggles from the coalface. 

Quotient Website

I consulted with Quotient to help them develop:

  • brand strategies
  • copy for their website
  • copy for customer onboarding
  • blog posts, video content, emails, PR and social media posts
  • award entries.
Quotient Website Copy And Brand Story
Quotient Website Copy
Quotient Blog Post
Quotient Blog Post
Quotient Blog Post
Quotient Blog Post

The result of our work together...

With a highly dedicated team, an excellent SaaS product and great support, Quotient went from strength to strength, significantly adding to their loyal customer base every day. One of their customers even said, "If these guys brewed beer it would probably be the best beer in the world."

Just 2-years after launching they were named a Xero Rising Star business and 2-years later, Quotient was awarded the Deloitte Fast 50 Rising Star award. 

Working with Quotient reaffirmed how much I love working with SaaS, Tech and Fintech businesses. I have worked with many of these types of businesses over the years and helped found a SaaS business before it was sold and went public.

Quotient Client

With his valuable ideas, Will has become a go-to confidant and an integral part of our team.

Will has spent a lot of time understanding our business as well as bouncing ideas and strategies we could implement. He helped shape our brand voice and his copywriting approach has added real personality to our communications, including our website, emails and blog.

Will is a genuine, caring and hardworking person who wants the best for his clients. If you have the opportunity to work with Will, jump at it. He is insightful and once he understands your business and its objectives, will be your biggest advocate.

NATHAN CARTER  //  Co-Founder, Quotient App, New Zealand