Case Studies

We help connect people and brands by understanding both.

We create insightful business and brand strategies, impactful ideas, great copywriting and design, and pixel-perfect execution.

Our goal is to improve every touch point your business has with its audience.

The following sample of companies understood the power of combining Strategy, Brand Strategy & Creativity.

These examples include:

  • an insurance company
  • a law firm
  • an architect
  • a motorhome manufacturer
  • a SaaS app developer
  • an education provider
  • a presentation capsule designer
  • a brick and roofing manufacturer.


Star Insure

Star Insure wants to make insurance better for everyone. They do this by creating real world policies that protect against real world events. And with as little friction as possible.

Will worked with Star Insurance Specialists for 10-years to help grow their brand into the industry-leading niche vehicle insurance specialist. Being insurance specialists allows them to fully understand the categories they insure and the people who own those vehicles.

Star Photography
HL Master Image


Haigh Lyon Lawyers

Haigh Lyon is a team of smart, approachable lawyers who embrace their uniqueness to provide on point legal services with style.

They take the time to listen, understand and service their clients’ true needs, to release their untapped value.


Noel Jessop Architecture

This boutique architectural practice specialises in creating beautiful and modern architecture for residential and commercial projects throughout New Zealand.

We enjoyed working with Noel Jessop, who is one of the most creative, precise and passionate individuals we have encountered. All of our work with Noel and his team was driven by the quality of their work and the very real desire to help it shine.

TrailLite Country


TrailLite Motorhomes

With over 50-years as New Zealand’s leading high-end motorhome manufacturer, TrailLite had a great reputation for building handcrafted vehicles to the highest of standards.

Yet European manufacturers were attacking their market share. TrailLite was not capitalising on its history or story of courage and craftsmanship, and they weren’t moving fast enough to stem the loss in revenue. That’s when we connected.


Quotient App

Quotient owners Dale and Nathan are two very talented designer/developers who created an incredibly smart online quoting system that is not just intuitive and beautiful but contributes to their customers’ bottom lines.

Will spent a lot of time side-by-side, consulting on brand strategy and development, and writing for email onboarding, emails, videos, award entries, PR, social media, their website and blog posts.



Te Wānanga o Aotearoa

With more than 80 locations throughout New Zealand and over 50 courses on offer, from certificate to Masters Degrees, Te Wānanga o Aotearoa (TWoA) is New Zealand’s second largest education provider.

They have created a learning environment around student success, with courses that are culturally rich and inclusive, believing that what’s good for Māori is good for the world.

TWoA cater to all New Zealanders and 96% of their students recommend them.


Youmans Capsules

Finely crafted from high-grade anodised aluminium, Youmans Capsules are an elegant and highly-functional answer to the presentation case. They complement the creativity of the artist, satisfy the practicality of the designer and fit the aesthetic demands of both.

These capsules come with optional engraving and customisable inserts that can further enhance the exhibition of products and creativity. The Youmans Capsule gives the confidence to deliver a show stopping performance.

Youmans Man
Monier Brochure


Monier Bricks & Roofing

Monier has a very rich and proud history in the New Zealand and Australian building industries. From the original terracotta tile to the extensive range available today, Monier tiles have long been a trusted roofing solution, standing up to harsh New Zealand and Australian weather conditions.

We work with entrepreneurs and the C-Suite.

Many of our clients are rebels and aspiring industry leaders who work in agile, challenger brands.

They’re driven to change the status quo. Like us, they see conformity as the enemy. And they envisage a better future.

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