Space-like capsules, precision engineered by artisans

Every Youmans Capsule is precision engineered and hand assembled by skilled artisans resulting in a beautiful space-like capsule that is unlike anything on earth. 

Youmans engaged me because despite having a beautiful and functional product, and a large investment to date, they were having trouble making any significant sales. It wasn't clear exactly who their customers were so I started with a brand audit to understand what was happening. 

Youmans Capsules

Whilst a lot of the information was in the directors' heads, it wasn't formalised. So I started with their current and potential audiences to then work out how to speak to each of them. 

Youmans Positioning
Youmans Banner

My team then created a new logo and brand identity system. 

Youmans Logo
Youmans Billboard


Youmans Billboard
Youmans Brochure


Youmans Picture Of Guy Seated
Youmans Brochure

The result of our work together...

I helped Youmans to clarify their audiences and how to speak to each of them. I then simplified their offering and messaging and my team and I provided the tools to send, present in-person, and at trade shows around the globe to advance their goals.