Strategy solves problems & creativity sells solutions. 

Fearless is a strategic branding & copywriting consultancy, based in North Yorkshire, UK. It's Will Roffé (me) and friends, when needed. It's a simple model that works really well for my clients who don't pay for what they don't need. 

I started creative life in adland as a copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi. I've since worked as a creative director, brand strategist and executive creative director. Whether I'm writing a website, ads or weaving together a brand strategy, words are my passion. They have the power to transform brands and make them meaningful to people. 

Get the attention you deserve

I believe in doing work that matters, and:

  • Being a good human
  •  Asking the right ‘what if?’ and ‘why?’ questions to get to the right solutions 
  • Using strategy to solve problems and creativity to sell solutions
  • Brand consistency
  • Improving the customer experience
  • Not being a dick or working with dicks
  • Adding value
  • Great customer service.

My mission is to help people and brands realise their vision. I do this by helping transform them into purpose-driven leaders that operate fearlessly.

IHG client

Will creates Copy You Feel.

Crowne Plaza Auckland worked with Will Roffé on creating copy for our hotel positioning and descriptions to be used on websites and other collateral. We felt well taken care of, with Will guiding us throughout the process. We especially liked Will's ability to work with the senior management team, either face-to-face in focus groups or over the phone to complete the project, which has been smooth. He captured all nuances of our vision and translated it onto paper during the given time frame. We were so impressed we then engaged Will to work with our Holiday Inn properties in Auckland and Rotorua.

FRANCK HESSE  //  Area Director of Sales & Marketing, InterContinental Hotel Group

Here's my story.

I was always curious. But not in a "killed the cat" kind of way. This grew organically into a thirst for actionable knowledge. I read and do, a lot.

My younger brother and I lived apart for much of our youth. So I’d entertain myself by writing stories and drawing comics. But I liked being around people and telling them stories and jokes. I was at my happiest with a captive audience, watching their faces light up before bursting into laughter. Storytelling was in my blood.

My grandfather was a writer, astrologer and homeopathic doctor. And an avid reader. He completed my astrological chart when I was a toddler. A few things stood out:

1. You’re going to be married...twice.

Like a genius, I shared this gem with my first really serious girlfriend. She dumped me three weeks later! (I'm still too honest for my own good.) I'm now very happily married to my second wife.

2. You’re going to be a writer or prime minister. 
I’m a writer; it’s a hard pass on being PM.

3. Be careful around water. 

Whilst body surfing in Australia, a Great White shark contemplated taking my life when I was 18. This was my second experience with a shark. I was attacked by a Mako shark in New Zealand when I was seven. That kept me out of the ocean until the Great White experience 11-years later. Do you think I've been back in?

My Grandad nailed it, 3 for 3.

I've previously been a banker, private investigator, writer/producer, and marketing manager.  

After graduating New Zealand’s prestigious Axis AdSchool, I worked at Saatchi & Saatchi as a copywriter. I then worked throughout Australasia as a copywriter, brand strategist, creative director, and executive creative director at McCann-Erickson, Lavender, and Ogilvy.

Marching to the beat of my own drum has always been a priority. So I left a “Dad’s proud of you” salary in March 2002 to start a virtual strategic branding and copywriting consultancy, FEARLESS. 

Prospective clients' first question was always, "Don't you need an office?" Errr, no. 

When needed, I offer a flexible team of experts in marketing communications, advertising, design, and web development, who I know and trust to deliver the goods with me.

Along the way I have been an advisor, co-founder and investor in several successful SaaS startups.

Today, I live in North Yorkshire, UK, with my wife and dog, and I connect with colleagues, friends and clients worldwide.

What's your story?

Great relationships begin with a good story. Stories draw people closer to you, welcoming them into your world.   

Stories help make experiences with your brand meaningful and relatable. When you make life better for people, they often become loyal fans who will champion you and share your success. 

Are you ready to transform your business with a better brand story? 

Vodafone Client

Will is a great team player and motivator, who gets things done.

Will has an excellent understanding of digital life and has great strategies and ideas for online and offline worlds.

He is a digital specialist but is grounded in the knowledge of all other forms of media. This is really important in the digital age moving forward; as his knowledge and experience allow him to see the wood from the trees.

MIKE WILSON  //  Head of Digital Engagement, Vodafone

Fearless Kiwi Limited is registered in England and Wales. Company number 13614130.