About Fearless

I used to work in ad agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann-Erickson, Colenso, and Ogilvy, where I advised many large corporations, as well as central & local governments.

Adland was a good place for crafting my skills, and polishing my ego, but even as a creative director, I knew there was a better way to help our clients make a real impact.

So in 2002, I left big agencies to form Fearless, a strategic & creative consultancy, with a small team of specialists when needed.

Instead of working with large corporates and their endless procurement departments and bureaucracy, I would focus on providing a high-level service to talented and driven founders and CEOs in more agile SMBs, who like me, want to eliminate the status quo.

Working out how to help my clients make better connections, and a bigger impact, has been my passion for nearly three decades.

I believe the sweet spot lies in combining Brand Strategy & Copywriting.

Many of my clients consider me a trusted guide and confidant. Together, we’re building fearless brands.

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Will Roffé

I work well with rebels, disruptors, and agile, challenger brands. 

Like me, my clients see conformity as the enemy. They’re highly motivated to make change happen now.

I’m passionate about turning good businesses into great brands, and have helped my clients sell over £1b worth of their products and services.

Over the years, I’ve built a really strong team of experts who also love what they do, and genuinely want the best for my clients. They join me when needed.

I’m a Kiwi currently based in the UK with my wife and dog. I work with good people everywhere.

If you want to build, upgrade or reinvent your brand, we should chat.

Build a fearless brand

A fearless brand is not limited by fear of failure or societal norms. It takes risks, embraces change, challenges the status quo and voices its opinions to connect with its real audience. It stands up for what it believes in and fearlessly pursues its goals and vision to make a lasting impact on its audience and industry.

What makes Fearless different?

Clarity from Chaos

We’re yet to see a problem that we couldn’t happily fix with the right solution.

Only Senior Creatives

We’ve worked with some of the best ad agencies, designers, web developers and clients on Earth.

25+ years of winning Strategies

Will has been a Strategist for over 25 years. His strategies have made our clients over £1.5b.

Watertight Execution

When needed, our producers, designers and techs create pixel perfection.

“With his valuable ideas, Will has become a go-to confidant and an integral part of our team. He spent a lot of time understanding our business as well as bouncing ideas and strategies we could implement. He helped shape our brand voice, and his copywriting approach has added real personality to our communications, including our website, emails and blog.”

Nathan Carter

Co-founder – Quotient App

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