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Based in the UK, Fearless operates at the intersection of brand strategy and creativity. We were founded by expert brand strategist and copywriter, Will Roffé, in 2002. 

Our highly experienced team is nimble and flexible. When needed, we bring on board trusted specialists in marketing communications, advertising, design, technology and web development.

Our insights can be disturbingly real, thanks to our intuitive and forensic approach to research. The fact that Will gained a Diploma in Private Investigation and worked for a leading PI firm in Double Bay, Sydney as a youngster, might have something to do with it. 

Many of our clients have urgent problems that need quick-smart solutions. In most cases, we take an agile, sprint approach to deliver sensational results. This process fits with today's commitments and attention spans, which are suited to short bursts of intense activity. Otherwise, we're happy to work at your pace. 

I'm Will Roffé, Fearless's founder, chief brand strategist & copywriter. I'm passionate about crafting strategies and creative that help turn good businesses into great brands.

Will Roffe Home

Based in North Yorkshire, UK, I have over 25 years' experience as a brand strategist and copywriter.

I still approach each brief with Darwinian curiosity.

I work well with rebels, disruptors, and agile, challenger brands. They're highly motivated and are driven to change the status quo. Like me, they see conformity as the enemy.

Over the years, I've built a really strong team of experts. I think of them as gifted artisans and humans. Like me, they love what they do and genuinely want the best for our clients. 

If you can impress us, we'll impress your customers. That's because we're your customers’ biggest advocate. The more we understand them, their motives and how you fit into their world, the more we can help you resonate with them. 

To date, we've helped our clients sell over £1 billion worth of products and services. This was possible after we streamlined their business processes, then created potent brand strategies, marketing and advertising campaigns. 

When you follow our process, everything works as you imagined. And you impact people's lives (including yours) in remarkable ways.

We believe in doing work that matters and...

  • Being, and working with, good humans
  •  Asking the right questions and listening more than we talk 
  • Using strategy to solve problems and creativity to sell solutions
  • The power of brand consistency
  • Improving the customer experience and adding value
  • Excellent customer care.
IHG client

Will creates Copy You Feel.

Crowne Plaza Auckland worked with Will Roffé on creating copy for our hotel positioning and descriptions to be used on websites and other collateral.

We felt well taken care of, with Will guiding us throughout the process. We especially liked Will's ability to work with the senior management team, either face-to-face in focus groups or over the phone to complete the project, which has been smooth.

Will captured all nuances of our vision and translated it onto paper during the given time frame. We were so impressed we then engaged him to work with our Holiday Inn properties in Auckland and Rotorua.

FRANCK HESSE  //  Area Director of Sales & Marketing, InterContinental Hotel Group

What's your story?

Great relationships begin with a good story. Stories draw people closer to you, welcoming them into your world.   

Stories help make experiences with your brand meaningful and relatable. When you make life better for people, they can become loyal fans who will champion your cause.  

Are you ready to make better connections and transform your business with a well-crafted story and brand strategy? 

What is a fearless brand?

It's a brand that's unafraid to take risks, stand out, voice their opinions, or disrupt their industry. It challenges the status quo to truly connect with its audience. 


1. Authenticity:
Fearless brands are authentic and true to their core values. They don’t pretend to be something they are not, and they are honest and transparent in their communications.

2. Boldness:
Fearless brands are daring and bold in their actions and messages. They are willing to take risks and think outside the box, even if it means challenging norms or facing criticism.

3. Purpose-driven:
Fearless brands often have a strong sense of purpose beyond just making profits. They stand for something meaningful and work towards a larger societal or environmental goal.

4. Innovation:
Fearless brands are innovative and constantly strive to push boundaries. They are not afraid to experiment with new ideas, technologies, or approaches to engage their audience.

5. Embracing Challenges:
Fearless brands do not shy away from challenges. Instead, they view challenges as opportunities to learn, grow, and showcase their resilience.

6. Community Engagement:
Fearless brands actively engage with their community. They listen to their customers, respond to feedback (both positive and negative), and involve their audience in their brand story.

7. Cultural Relevance:
Fearless brands are aware of current cultural trends and issues. They stay relevant by understanding the pulse of their audience and addressing issues that matter to them.

8. Fearless Leadership:
Fearless brands are often led by fearless leaders who inspire their teams to think big and act courageously. These leaders set the tone for the brand's fearlessness.

In essence, a fearless brand is not limited by fear of failure or societal norms. It embraces challenges, stands up for what it believes in, and fearlessly pursues its goals and vision, making a lasting impact on its audience and industry.

Vodafone Client

Will is a great team player and motivator, who gets things done.

Will has an excellent understanding of digital life and has great strategies and ideas for online and offline worlds.

He is a digital specialist but is grounded in the knowledge of all other forms of media. This is really important in the digital age moving forward; as his knowledge and experience allow him to see the wood from the trees.

MIKE WILSON  //  Head of Digital Engagement, Vodafone NZ

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