Where vibrant lawyers meet like-minded and equally ambitious clients.

Case Study 

Haigh Lyon is a leading law firm based in downtown Auckland, New Zealand.

They have a carefully curated team of experts who meet client challenges at their pace. They provide personalised, innovative and robust legal advice that’s both intelligent and engaging, in a caring and collaborative environment.


Brand Strategy
Website Architecture


Haigh Lyon About
Haigh Lyon TOV


I was brought onboard by Haigh Lyon’s design company to handle various aspects of a larger project.

This was one of those great projects where the client was fully onboard with the entire process.

Even though Haigh Lyon has a lot of high-end, alpha energy legal minds, they were very happy to trust in, and be led by, the experts they hired.

I had full access to all the partners and their teams, to extract all the info I needed.

Like most of my work, this project was completed remotely.


Research Haigh Lyon, their clients, competitors and industry.

Tone of Voice

Develop a tone of voice document to be used by internal and external teams moving forward.

New Website

Write a new website based on my research, interviews, new tone of voice document and website architecture.

Blog Posts

Write blog posts and authority articles for the new website launch.

Brand Strategy

Upgrade an existing brand strategy, for a more modern and relevant take. on their business. This included new Values, Positioning, Personality, Key Messages, Brand Story, and Brand Expression.

Website Architecture

Work with Haigh Lyon’s design company to help develop the website architecture.

Staff Profiles

Interview the entire team and develop all their profiles, with real personality.

Rewrite website legal docs

Give the firm’s terms and conditions, and other legal documents the human touch.



Haigh Lyon connect with clients who are driven and are as ambitious as themselves. Like-minded and equally ambitious became a key point in their ideal customer avatar.

HL People
HL Master Image
HL Ambitious
HL Discover
HL Approachable2
HL Blog
HL Values
HL Best
HL Expectations


HL Partners

A happy team enjoying significant growth

It was a real pleasure working on this project with the Haigh Lyon team. People know when they see work about themselves if it has truly captured them. It’s hard to express or articulate this until someone outside looks in and shows them. (Wood for the trees.)

At the end of the process, nobody can imitate you. It’s one reason I love the work I do. Helping people have aha moments; to see their essence articulated in a way that feels right. And helps drive them and their brand forward with more purpose.

The structure and copy on the Haigh Lyon website has been unchanged since I wrote it. Which means it works. That and they’ve increased the size of their team to cope with additional workloads.


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