Business relationship choices are like buying shoes

Business decisions always involve risk. But there are ways to minimise risk. For instance, I treat my business relationship choices like buying shoes.

What the cuss? That sounds flippant, right?

I love good shoes and spend serious time researching important purchases. And good shoes are important!

When I spend decent money on a pair of Timberlands, I know what I’m buying — superior craftsmanship and quality, and excellent value (even at $495 a pair back in New Zealand — yeah, everything’s expensive back home).

Even though I’m pretty hard on shoes I had one pair of Timberlands that lasted 20 years! And I had them resoled once! For me, there is no better quality. Enjoying great value and experiences with Timberland has ensured my loyalty to the brand.

Avoid false economies

When I was younger and playing a lot more tennis than now, I bought into a false economy. I purchased cheaper, mass-produced tennis shoes like Reebok and Nike. But I ended up replacing them up to three times faster than if I had forked out for a decent, tennis-specific pair.

Once I changed my mindset, and brands, my game improved.

My $700 Prince CTS Thunderstick (cool name huh) tennis racquet didn’t hurt either.

In short, the right tools made a difference. (Technically, I just called myself a tool.) Yes, talent helps too.

The moral of this story

When it’s important, don’t be cheap. You’ll end up paying more.

If you’re in business, shareholders hate that scenario. I know I do.

Bringing this back to me and what I offer… you can either hire an experienced guide, who pulls out the stops to help you win. Or you can hire someone who has worked with a few well-known brands and has limited business and life experience. <– This makes a huge difference.

Now of course I’m going to say this; I’ve been doing this for a while. But ultimately, everything comes down to value.

So what value do you place on what you need done? How important is it to you? Can you afford to get it wrong?

If you want a well-considered, right-first-time solution, get in touch.


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