I offer several payment options

Once you approve my quote, I will send you a 'get started' invoice, which is usually 50% of the project's fee. 

You can either pay:

  • directly into my UK-based business bank account in your local currency (no transfer or conversion fees) 
  • with a cryptocurrency to one of my wallets 
  • via a secure online link or credit card payments page (I use Stripe). 

If you'd rather pay in Silver or Gold bars, that could be an option too. 🙂


We enjoyed working with Will, tremendously.

Will quickly understood the market we operate in and the style of communication we wanted to portray. His work was current, well researched and mostly self-driven on our behalf, which worked very well. Thank you Will for all you have done for Fifo Capital.

NIGEL THOMSON  //  Global CEO, Fifo Capital (Business Finance)