Let me help you identify any weaknesses in your website...for free.

If you're not receiving the enquiries you expected from your website, you could have a number of issues including your ads, the right kind of traffic, your offer(s), key messaging, and more. If you want to see what's standing between you and success...

Fixing just one issue can change everything.

How does the Free Website Assessment work? 

We'll get on Zoom or WhatsApp and I'll ask you a number of questions. We'll discuss your target audience, your traffic sources, key messaging, sales funnel(s), design and more. Whilst we touch on website traffic, this is not to be confused with an SEO Audit. That's not my thing.
It's a 30 minute time investment in your business, one that could have a huge impact. 

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Fearless Kiwi Uses A Potent Mix Of Strategy, Creativity And Writing To Grow Good Businesses.

What happens after the Website Assessment?

I will study your responses and send you a simple written report or video within 24 hours. My feedback is based on over 20 years of knowledge and experience making websites work. It's useful info minus the fluff. You'll understand...

Areas of weakness

You'll see the parts of your website that need improvement. 

Actions you should take

These recommendations, if actioned, will help move you closer to your goals. 

Options to work with me

If you want my help moving forward, great. If not, that's okay too. I'm a no-pressure guy.  

Why work with Me?

My clients want to deal with an expert brand strategist and strategic copywriter with the right advice. They like that I have both sides of my brain engaged, and have run my creative and strategic business for over 20 years.

I'm a proactive problem-solver who understands many of their struggles. I'm all about adding value, fast-tracking their goals, and having some fun along the way.  

My clients operate in very competitive environments, so they can’t afford to get it wrong. They value their time. I'm picking you do too.

Let's chat.

What some of my clients say...

With such a tremendously creative and strategic mind, but also an astute business sensibility, Will is someone you can go to with supreme confidence, to deliver incredible results - time and time again. 

JEREMY SNOWSILL - Director, LWC Australia

If you need strategy, ideas, and/or the written word, Will should be your go-to person. He understands people and how to connect with them using the right strategies, language, tone and ideas.


Will has a huge amount of experience in advertising and computer wizardry stuff, which means he can turn your brands into more successful ones using his amazing Jedi mind tricks.

RHYS DARBY - Comedian, Actor USA & NZ

Will is a genuine, caring and hardworking person who wants the best for his clients. If you have the opportunity to work with Will, jump at it. He is insightful and once he understands your business and its objectives, will be your biggest advocate.

NATHAN CARTER - Co-founder Quotient NZ